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Want To Learn Proper Worst Case Analysis Basics? See Our Latest Article at

A new Design Master article,  “Use Worst-Case Analysis Tool To Efficiently Validate Your Designs,” is now available in the latest issue of

Free WCA Software: Design Master Lite Cloud Version

Design MasterTM, the practical and easy-to-use advanced worst case analysis software used worldwide, provides a fully integrated set of analysis tools, including worst case solutions to design equations, probability estimates of any out-of-spec conditions, sensitivities, and optimized values for design centering.

The Lite version is now available for free at, under Design Notes and Tools / Worst case analysis software. Although the Lite version has some functional restrictions, it is ideal for small projects and academic use. (For the full featured versions, please click here.)

Also, please be sure to watch for How2Power’s July Newsletter, which will include the application note, “How To Use Design Master for WCA – A Simple Example,” as well as other in-depth design articles for power electronics engineers.