A sampling of prior Design/Analysis Newsletters can be accessed at the following links:

3rd Quarter 2009: Tech Tip:  Low-Level Connector Contact Finish / News Bullets: Is There A Fraud On Your Team? (Part 2) / Off Topic: Applying engineering thinking to life:  How to Protect Your Pocketbook, Your Liberty, and Your Life / Sightings: Who Do You Think You Are?

1st and 2nd Quarter 2009: Tech Tip: Decoupling Capacitors; How Much Is Enough? / Off Topic: The Stimulus and Governmental Malpractice / Sightings: The Case of the Defective Detectors /  News Bullets: Is There A Fraud On Your Team?

4th Quarter 2008: Our View: Up Till Now / The Autobiography, by William Shatner (St. Martin’s Press) / Sightings: The Almost Fatal Flaw /  News Bullets: The Ongoing Corruption Of Science

3rd Quarter 2008: Our View: The Black Swan / The Impact of the Highly Improbable, by Nassim Nicholas Taleb (Random House) / Off Topic: Global Warming / Sightings: Computer Models, Reality or Mirage? / I Didn’t Use to be Paranoid

2nd Quarter 2008: Our View: Switch-Mode Power Supplies – SPICE Simulations and Practical Designs, by Christophe Basso (McGraw-Hill) / Off Topic: The Autism Epidemic / Random Circuit Zaps? / Spam King is Finally Nailed

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